A Small World
Roger Moukarzel - Photography exhibition

“Everybody has to do something about it”. Climate change being-it, fueled by urgency to each do his part. I took this opportunity to kick-off my “Small World” concept in Lulea, Jokkmokk with the Sami people.

The goal: “A Small World” aims to intensify awareness concerning global warming and the butterfly effect-shamelessly pointing out its devastating impact. The title refers to my perception of the planet as a global unit, living off the same resources and enduring the same horrid consequences. These dissonant visuals, which are more than an images, aim to touch, educate and push people to think, reflect and react to the causes of increasing global warming; each one on his own level and in his own capacity.

The concept: The visual concept consists of combining and contrasting images of subcultures living in harmony with nature up against images of urbanism, civilization and pollution (and vice-versa). Not to be confused with photojournalism, “A Small World” is a conceptual contemporary art exhibition with a powerful message concerning the effects of pollution hot spots, felt at such great lengths that even remote areas and are directly affected. The idea is to fuse these two realities, to have the cause and the consequence in a series of thirteen striking images that communicate the concept.

The project: Nothing really prepares one for reality, until the sudden impact of the scenery, the deep dreamlike beauty of land. It goes to show that nature’s profundity, can never be captured... However, the “Small World” visuals capture these remarkable indigenous cultures in their colorful traditional wear in a striking, otherworldly landscape, which sways one until being confronted with the shocking image of pollution and urbanism- which gives the photograph its significance, the visual impact drawn from combining two extremes. Ultimately, the images are only truly valuable if they have some sort of impact.

The media: The exhibition is to take place outdoors around the world – Hoping to reach as many people as it can. Moukarzel will be traveling across the 5 continents to capture images of indigenous people living in harmony with raw nature, contrasted with backgrounds of urbanism and industry; as well as bringing backgrounds of Nature to the big cities contrasted with real citizens and families. The “Small World” project was documented in a 30-minute segment on CNN, as well as MTV, FUTURE TV, MBC, OTV, LBC. Interviews presenting the project were also featured in pan-Arab print publications such as Al- Nahar, Adam Levant, Selections, A Magazine, Jamalouki, Laha.