Joe Arida is a multi-disciplinary designer and editorial stylist. Born in London, growing up during the Lebanese war, Arida is raised between Beirut and Europe where he becomes obsessed with the visual languages of different cultures and the intersection Beirut represents between east and west. He cites his European roots and Lebanon’s Medit-oriental geography, as well as Beirut's golden years, underground culture, and brutalism as integral parts of his aesthetic "Founded growing up surrounded by people with an advanced sense of style and character as abundant in their attire, as their homes and lifestyles”. He spends his youth constantly creating - writing, painting, taking and developing photos, ... sharpening his eye through studies, hobbies then jobs in: styling, fashion buying, visual merchandising, set design, photography and copyrighting. His eye becomes his trade tool - prizing above everything else "composition, color and character that are visually and cerebrally satisfying, and always a bit mad." After 5 years spent working in advertising and fashion he establishes LATERREESTFOLLE* (*The world is mad) - a contemporary design house comprising of ready-to-wear and custom clothing, as well as accessories, furniture and home accessories. Joe continues to freelance and consult as a designer of clothing, furniture and objects; editorial stylist, decorator and creative director.