Founded in the 18th Century, the Mouzannar legacy is invigorated by its 6th generation of fine jewelry creators Dori Mouzannar & Alia Mouzannar. Operating as a complimentary diptych – with each his independent line, their designs illustrate perfectly on one hand their respective universes, and on the other their common heritage; Alia & Dori nevertheless function as a single unit of partners and designers to the renowned house.

They are welcomed this October by client and fan - Zaha Hadid to showcase their work at the Zaha Hadid Design Gallery, London – where the celebrated architect frequently receives fellow talented designers. Zaha Hadid will be designing a piece in collaboration with the House of Aziz & Walid Mouzannar for this event.

Dori will be presenting his Meteor collection and a re-edition of his Gothic & Lava lines, Alia her Modular collection, as well as a concise retrospective of their previous designs. A cocktail party will mark the launch of their residency at the Zaha Hadid Design Gallery on the 9th of October with the exhibition running until the 11th of October 2014.

Dori Mouzannar’s meteor collection is a talisman of craftsmanship and artistry. His designs are inspired by these rock formations fallen from space, these meteors found laying on the earth surface after light-years of cold, silent travel. Spatially organic, he crafts multi-dimensional pieces through the use of up to 25 different sizes of diamonds colliding on one jewel, sometimes even using the stones upside down. These distinctive designs create an undeniable statement, cracked and hiding something, cratered, sometimes broken or with a comet’s tail, each piece tells the story of a jewel furrowing space and finally crashing onto our planet. Dori weaves contrasts between galactic austerity and rich earth tones dressing his jewels in the colors of “autumn foliage and the Indian summer”. He does not follow a specific modus operandi, preferring to initiate his collection with a desire to express a sentiment. For this collection he wanted to express a notion of raised patterns inspired by nature, which lead him to the meteor - as he perceives it to “Illustrate exemplary organic relief”. Once his inspiration is axed to its representation he continues to refine it to match his vision - resulting in inimitable otherworldly pieces, like jewels fallen from space.

With accolades such as the HRD awards to her name, Alia Mouzannar’s prize-winning modular pieces are an intricate feat of modernity. As she puts it “a jewel is a piece of art, an extension of one’s personality - and should function as such”. In this philosophy lies the vision to create a jewel with multiple personalities. A jewel that hides or evolves, that is discreet but present - and which can bloom at a whim. In doing so it adapts to the different circumstances of a modern woman’s life, “A woman who works, lives, but still very much in touch with her femininity”. Clever mechanisms grant that woman the liberty to mold her jewel according to context, whether discreet or extravagant, giving each piece multiple functions. Dressed in a refined color palette of gold and Earth tones, paved in shades of grey and white diamonds her pieces reflect “an occidental culture of oriental inspiration”. Alia crafts the pebble-like bases, inspired by modern & contemporary art, out of gold - allowing her complete freedom in form and texture. Her organic shapes find a balance with the symmetrical aspect of her diamonds of different shapes, shades and sizes blended together to create nuances, resulting in precious paper-thin jewels; that fold gracefully like origami.